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Reliable, Efficient Indoor Comfort

Reliable, Efficient Indoor Comfort

Awtrey Heating & Air Conditioning is known for top-quality indoor comfort solutions. We’re experts at proper design, sizing and installation. Plus, we build on the foundation of equipment from leading HVAC manufacturers. We help you invest your money on the right solution for your specific needs.

We Repair Any AC or Furnace

We Repair Any AC or Furnace

Our extensive industry experience allows us to repair any make and model of air conditioning & heating in St. Louis & surrounding areas. Do you have a Carrier® air conditioner? No problem. Maybe a Lennox© gas furnace? We’ve got that covered too. We repair all gas and electric equipment including hybrid and ductless systems.

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Welcome to Awtrey Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in AC & furnace repair, maintenance & replacement of residential & light commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning in  St. Louis, Fenton, Imperial, Kirkwood and surrounding areas. Awtrey has been providing air conditioning & heating services in St. Louis since 2005. We’re EPA certified, and a Better Business Bureau A+ accredited business.

Heating, air conditioning and air quality is comprised of state-of-the-art equipment that must work together correctly in order to achieve maximum efficiency, performance and reliability. Too many St. Louis homeowners have suffered at the hands of an inexperienced HVAC contractor. This can result in hundreds to even thousands of dollars lost in equipment problems and lost efficiency. With Awtrey this simply doesn’t happen. We have the experience required to do the job right. We’re able to service any make and model of equipment, and we design and install new solutions the right way.

Don’t trust the comfort of your home to anyone else. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the ideal solutions for their specific needs. Whether you need a AC tune-up, furnace repair, replacement or new installation in St. Louis, Fenton, Kirkwood or surrounding ares, grab the phone and dial (636) 464-4822 for exceptional service.

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