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A summer in the Midwest would be a bit warm without a reliable cooling system for your home. Awtrey Heating & Air Conditioning in St. Louis is an expert at all aspects of cooling systems. We provide AC tune-ups and repair for any make and model of air conditioning equipment in St. Louis, and we also offer replacement and installation services.

The Importance of Design

Imagine calling up Lexus, and ordering all of the parts that make up one of their top tier vehicles. Next imagine turning around and hiring an inexperienced mechanic to put the car together. Even though you have quality parts, would your new “Lexus” run like it was supposed to? Chances are, probably not.

The same applies to heating and air conditioning, The finest equipment sized and installed the wrong way will not operate reliably or efficiently. HVAC systems are not cookie cutter installations. Each home has unique needs and challenges, and an indoor comfort system must be designed the right way. Jobs done wrong can cost thousands of dollars to undo.

We Do It Right

Awtrey Heating & Air Conditioning does work the right way, and according to industry standards and manufacturer specifications. When you trust us with your maintenance, repair or new installation, you can rest assured that the job is done right and that your money has been invested wisely.

Why Tune-Ups Matter St. Louis

Why Tune-Ups Matter

Let’s use the car analogy again: what would happen if people all over St. Louis quick taking their vehicles in for service? No oil changes, no nothing. We all know that answer to that question. Did you know your HVAC system is no different? It might not need an “oil change” every month, but it does need seasonal tune-ups to protect both efficiency and reliability. We service all brands of equipment.

St. Louis AC Repair St. Louis

St. Louis AC Repair

Does your air conditioner (or related cooling equipment) select a nice, cool spring or fall day to act up? Probably not. It will typically be in the middle of August when humidity is at an all time high. Don’t worry! Awtrey provides prompt AC repair in┬áSt. Louis that is both timely and accurate. By accurate we mean we properly diagnose the problem, and give you the right advice on repair. The type of advice we’d want for our home.

Air Conditioning Installation St. Louis

Air Conditioning Installation

As we mentioned above, nothing is more important than the design and installation of your equipment. From sizing the right air conditioner, to outdoor and indoor equipment installation, to factory required duct modifications. The great news is that with Awtrey you receive top quality equipment along with industry leading design and installation. We sleep well at night because we know our customers are served right.

In-Home Comfort Estimate St. Louis

In-Home Comfort Estimate

We save people a lot of money with an in-home estimate. Why? Because sometimes a homeowner is given bad advice about their cooling needs, and they come to us for a price on an air conditioner that they don’t need, or a model that is overkill for their home. You see, cooling equipment sized too large actually costs more to run with zero performance benefits! An in-home estimate allows us to give you the right advice and estimate!

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