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Freon leak? A common A/C myth

Many homeowners believe that, over time, an air conditioner uses freon. Maybe a long, hot summer leaves a perfectly good air conditioner “winded” and low on freon. We just need to tune-up the a/c and top-up the freon, right? In reality, an air conditioner or heat pump has a sealed refrigerant system that should never “use up” or run out of freon. The “freon” or refrigerant is only the medium used to transfer heat from the inside of the home to the outside. The only resource that is expended is electricity. says:

If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, either it was undercharged at installation or it leaks. If it leaks, simply adding refrigerant is not a solution. A trained technician should fix any leak, test the repair, and then charge the system with the correct amount of refrigerant. Remember that the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner is greatest when the refrigerant charge exactly matches the manufacturer’s specification, and is neither undercharged nor overcharged. Refrigerant leaks can also be harmful to the environment.

While it is tempting to just top off a low system, due to increased cost it is strongly recommended you consider locating and repairing the leak. If the system is over 10 years old your money might be better spent replacing the system and upgrading to refrigerant R410a.

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