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Furnace Repair in Imperial, MO

If you need fast reliable furnace repair in Imperial, MO or surrounding areas, we can do it!  In fact, we are the experts at air conditioning & heating service in Imperial, MO.  Don’t wait to find out your heating  system is not working when you adjust the thermostat. Call us to service it now.  We will check your heating system, point out any areas that need attention, and if needed, repair your furnace in Imperial.  From your thermostat to your air handlers, Awtrey does it all.

Furnace Replacement Service in Imperial

If a repair option is not available for your furnace, we can perform a full furnace replacement. A full replacement after scheduled can be quick and painless. Our technicians have the experience to  insure an accurate and satisfactory install.

A simple air conditioner or furnace installation in Imperial, MO, is not enough for our customers. We also offer the air and furnace repair that will help keep your units running. We service all makes and models, and our furnace repair specialists have the knowledge to keep your furnace functioning. Of course we will be there if your unit needs to be replaced, but that is not always necessary. We can help, either way.

Furnace Maintenance

Furnace heating systems can be relatively easy to maintain, but require regular service for efficient operation. With regular maintenance furnaces can continue to run efficiently.

A full diagnostic is done throughout your furnace to assess the problem.  After the diagnostic, we will provide you with the appropriate repair solution for the furnace. After every repair, we recommend our customers use our furnace maintenance service available in Imperial, MO Montana to extend the life expectancy of the furnace, and ensure you’re energy efficient keeping your gas consumption low.

Furnace Repair

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Although the circumstances were not pleasant, the experience was. My heater went out in the winter, Shane repsonded immediatley and fixed the problem professionally at a reasonable price. Then, when my AC went out this summer, he duplicated his success and fixed that too. Shane knows his trade. He takes the time to explain what happened, why it happened, and how to keep it form happening again. He takes pride in his work and it shows. Thanks Shane!

Heater Repair

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Shane did an excellent job on my heating problem. He came on time and within less than 2 hours from initial phone call. He does not make you buy anything other than what is needed, push products, or pressure you into anything and that is a BIG plus. He is very knowledgeable, great on prices, and I recommend this company highly.

Call Awtrey at (636) 464-4822 for furnace repair in Imperial, MO!

Furnace Repair
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