Heat Pump Repair in Imperial, MO

Need heat pump repair in Imperial, MO?

Awtrey Heating & Air Conditioning can repair all brands of heat pumps in Imperial, MO.

Awtrey Heating & Air Conditioning, has the experience repairing heat pumps in Imperial, MO. Our trained heat pump specialists will troubleshoot and repair your system, ensuring that your home remains a comfortable temperature inside no matter what the weather is doing outside. Awtrey provides a range of professional heat pump services, including: annual tune-ups and maintenance, estimates on new heat pumps or replacement units, professional installation services & heat pump repair in Imperial.

Heat Pumps are designed to provide year-round comfort for your home – heating in the winter, and cooling and dehumidifying in the summer. Heat pumps basically are designed to extract heat from one place, and transfer it to another.

While some components of a heat pump system are similar to those in conventional heating and air conditioning systems, major components are unique to heat pumps and require the professional skill and knowledge acquired through years of experience.

During the Imperial, MO summer months the heat pump works like an air conditioner. It is designed to take heat from inside your home and transfer it to the outdoors. Even on the hottest summer days heat pumps in Imperial, MO provide maximum cooling while maintaining the highest level of efficiency and comfort.

Problems with your heat pump can make the air in your home hot, sticky and uncomfortable. Call and make an appointment that’s convenient for you. We’ll show up on time, listen to your needs & make recommendations. We promise to take great care of your home. Our Imperial heat pump service technicians wear shoe covers, put down drop cloths, are trained to perform the work you need and will thoroughly clean up the work area.  We stand by everything we do.