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Why is refrigerant R22 “Freon” going away?

The next couple of summers aren’t going to be easy dealing with the R22 shortage, phaseout and price increase of the magic stuff that keeps your home or business so nice and comfortable. If your AC system is older than 2010 there is a chance that you have R22 in your air conditioner or heat pump. If your system is older than 2005 it is almost certain you have R22 in your system.

Why does it matter? If you don’t have a refrigerant leak it really doesn’t matter. If you’re one of the millions who just need a shot of “freon” every season you may want to consider just adding “freon” and crossing your fingers might not be the best way to go this year…

In most residential applications when you consider what it takes to locate the leak, repair the leak and properly recharge the system. Your money is usually better spent updating to a new energy efficient system with a warranty that uses the new refrigerant r410a.

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