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Variable Speed Air Conditioning is here!!

We are excited to announce that we have just completed our training, through American Standard, to begin offering and installing their new line of variable speed air conditioners and heat pumps!




These new units are limited to American Standard Customer Care dealers only!


This is a game changer! Why?


Let’s begin by looking at your traditional air conditioner. For all of us in the St. Louis area, the air conditioner has two main jobs, to cool and to dehumidify.


Typically, air conditioners in the St. Louis area are designed and sized to maintain a 75° indoor temperature when the outdoor temperature is 96°


To make this a little bit clearer, let’s look at an average house with a 3 ton air conditioner. It may be perfectly sized when it is 96° outside, but what about when it is only 80°?



We have an oversized air conditioner! This is why it cycles off and on in the spring and cooler weather, but runs all of the time when it gets really hot outside.


Most likely, if your air conditioning is cycling off and on when it is 100° outside, your unit is oversized for your home.


You may wonder what is wrong with an oversized unit in my home? I like it cold!

The problem lies in the dehumidifying. When the space is cooled too quickly, the unit does not run long enough to remove the humidity. Therefore, you lose one of the main functions of your air conditioner.



The goal of energy efficiency and comfort is cycles that run longer. The equipment starting and stopping will take a toll on that system because that is what is hardest on the unit. Take, for example, your car. When you are riding along with cruise control set, you are being much more comfortable and efficient. It is the starting and stopping that begins to hurt your miles per gallon or “efficiency”.


This is why variable speed air conditioners and heat pumps are different. They work in a percentage, always adjusting based off of the demand, delivering exactly the amount of heating or cooling you need based off of input from the comfort control (thermostat).



By using only the heating or cooling that you need, your system is working very efficiently, while also delivering a comfortable and even temperature throughout the house.

Because we have so much more control over the system, we also have more control over humidity. Now our thermostat can achieve a set humidity level and a set temperature. This is a great solution for those muggy spring days when the cooling is not really needed, but the humidity is too high to go without it, or those really hot humid days where the air conditioning is not quite cutting it.


The more the system runs, the more time it has to clean, humidify, dehumidify, circulate and control the air.


These new units are so quiet you will probably not even notice when it is running, and they qualify for the Ameren Missouri CoolSavers and the American Standard rebates!

You will always be comfortable with a new American Standard variable speed air conditioner or heat pump!

This hardly touches on the benefits and possibilities with a high efficiency and properly sized HVAC system.

Give us a call (636) 464-4822 or request online for a free in home estimate. We would be happy to come out and discuss all that we have to offer.


Thanks for your interest in Awtrey Heating & Air Conditioning!

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