Zoning Solutions


Imagine if you came home and had one light switch to control your whole house or one faucet to control all of your plumbing? That would be silly wouldn’t it? Why do most heating and cooling systems work like this? It is one of the most expensive operating cost we have!

When a home or business is zoned, rooms are grouped together according to usage and conditioning needs. A zoning system usually consists of a control panel, dampers, and a temperature controller for each zone. Dampers are installed within the duct work and control the air flow to each zone. The zoning control panel is tied into the structure’s heating and/or cooling system and when a zone calls for either heating or cooling it opens and/or closes the appropriate dampers.

This can generate a lot of energy savings, while also providing superior comfort to those hard to heat and cool areas.

  • Second floor always warm in the summer?
  • Addition never the same temperature as the rest of the home?
  • Bedrooms always cold because of the fireplace in the great room?
  • There are many reasons to zone, these are a few common examples.
  • Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment to review your home and zoning options.
  • We have solved many problems, even when other contractors said it could not be done.
  • All Arzel products come with a lifetime warranty!

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